5 Минут. Выпуск 1.

Привет! Вы слушаете первый эпизод подкаста “Пять минут”. Это подкаст для тех, кто учит русский язык. Меня зовут Евгения Власова. Я лингвист, я даю уроки русского языка по Интернету и веду блог ProperRussian. Я знаю, что в Интернете не очень много аудиоматериалов для тех, кто изучает русский язык, поэтому я решила делать свой подкаст. Новые […]


hess is a very special game. It has a charisma and is surrounded by an aura of intellectual elitism (in a good sense). Perhaps these days chess means less than what it used to a few decades ago, and chess world champions are less popular than local baseball stars. However, I remember the times when […]


Borshch (борщ), a cabbage and beetroot soup, is known in many, if not every, Slavic cuisine. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that this soup all-Slavic. Borshch is delicious, nutritious and can be stored in a fridge for a few days without losing its taste. It actually becomes better the next day than on the […]