Lucky Ticket

Using public transportation is one of the most important things that a visitor must learn upon arriving at a new city. In many Russian cities, you enter the bus, trolley or tram (streetcar), take a seat and then buy a ticket from a guard or conductor. Normally, this is a lady with a bag in […]

10 Weird Facts About the Russian Language

1. The Russian alphabet is weird itself. Some characters are exactly like in the Latin alphabet, while others look the same, but sound different, and the two characters “ъ” and “ь” represent no sound, who needs them? 2. One character E may represent two different sounds [ye] and [yo].Actually, there is a special character for […]

How to Survive the Cold

While politicians are deep into discussion on global warming, many countries are facing the unusually cold weather. My friends from Asia, Europe and America have complained about chilling wind, cold and snow. Here in Siberia, this winter is cold too. During the first decade of the January, we had temperatures below -30C/-22F. This is quite […]