"Пять минут" is a podcast for intermediate and advanced students of Russian.

Many students struggle to find appropriate content in their target language when they outgrow the beginner level. Russian is not an exception here. Most Russian podcasts for non-native speakers are focused on basic vocabulary and grammar rules, and are not very helpful for developing listening comprehension. Authentic audio books and radio shows initially addressed to native speakers can be very hard to understand because they are usually rich in cultural and textual references only insiders may catch.

I designed the podcast to help Russian learners to improve their listening skills. I speak normal (not simplified) Russian, I try to keep normal tempo, so a listener can get accustomed to the average speed and sounds of the Russian speech, however, I don't exploit cultural references without explaining them.

In each episode I tell a short story about something related to living in Russia. Something that is quite obvious for Russians, but may be amusing for foreigners. I try to use quotations from popular songs and movies to illustrate my podcast, so listeners may learn more about the Russian culture and gain the necessary cultural background.

Since the podcast is in a regular Russian, you may find it hard to understand. It is normal if you can understand about 20%-30% of the episode. I encourage you to listen to the recording first as if it were music. Then read the full text (I publish the full text for each episode on my blog) and translate it. Then listen to the episode one more time and read along. Each episode lasts five minutes, so it won't take long to listen to it a few times.

Please Read the article How To Make Most Out Of My New Podcast for more tips on how to work with the advanced audio materials.

List of Episodes

  1. Let's Talk About Weather
  2. International Women's Day
  3. Russian Superstitions
  4. Let's Talk About Time
  5. April Fools' Day
  6. Coffee: Why This Word Is Special In Russian
  7. Rocket Science and Cosmonauts In The USSR
  8. What Russian Housing Is Like
  9. Dacha: What's That?
  10. May First:International Workers' Day
  11. Bulat Okudzhava - a poet and a singer
  12. Russian rock music
  13. Cyril and Methodius, Inventors of Cyrillic Characters
  14. Summer Holidays
  15. What is kasha? Russian porridge(with my fav recipe!)
  16. Gone fishing: why fishing is so popular in Russia
  17. Soviet cars and their nicknames
  18. Russian Ice-cream
  19. Soviet Sci-Fi: A Dream Of A Perfect World
  20. Sea is Romantic World
  21. On Pickles and Jams: Late Summer Cooking, Russian style
  22. September 1st: Knowledge Day
  23. RuNet - the Russian segment of the Internet
  24. New Year Eve: How Russians Celebrate It
  25. Let It Snow!
Credentials: The podcast is also available on iTunes.