Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Q&A: New Year Greetings In Russian

Hello! Can you please, please help me? I want to congratulate my Russian boyfriend for the New Year, but I don't know what's proper to write? Hope you have a great day and evening!

Hi! Russians like to list all the good things they wish for each other. You can go with this:

С Новым годом! Желаю тебе счастья, здоровья и удачи! Пусть все твои мечты сбудутся!

Happy New year! I wish you happiness, good health and good luck! May all your dreams come true!

These wishes are quite common and neutral.

Please note that when we wish good health (put it in Genitive: здоровья), wealth (богатства) and so on we don’t mean that the addressee is poor and sick. We just wish him or her well being.

Other things to wish:
  • процветания - prosperity (somewhat formal)
  • любви - love
  • спокойствия - serenity
  • много радостных дней - many joyful days
  • радости - joy

Some wishes can be more specific. For example, a wish to a student who is struggling with exams: Желаю тебе отличных оценок! (I wish you to get the best scores!) Or, more jokingly: Желаю тебе невредных преподавателей (I wish your profs to be not mean to you).

Phrases like May this and that” should be started with Пусть … + future tense.

С Новым Годом!

Photo by Steven Mueller