Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring and Flowers

We, Russian women, are quite romantic. Most of us like being presented with flowers. And March 8th is the right day to give us a bunch of flowers, because it is the International Women's Day, which is an official holiday in Russia.

In Russia, it is still cold and snowy in March, however there is a special scent of Spring in the air, a scent of melting snow, that puts everyone in a romantic mood. This is why most women dream about flowers in March. Gently coloured flowers like tulips, narcissuses or snowdrops are the signs of changes for good – for better weather, for Summer leisure, for something new. The traditional flower of the March 8th is mimosa (acacia dealbata), however, any flowers would be appreciated.

Photo by Roger Ferrer Ibáñez

I studied at the department of philology, which is usually dominated by female students. We have only a few guys there. It was late afternoon, March 7th, and we were enduring a long and exceptionally boring lecture on first aid treatments. It is mandatory for all students to learn first aid at the university. Suddenly the doors opened, and one of our guys entered bringing a large basket of snowdrops with him. During the next 15 minutes he managed to give every girl in our department (roughly 60) a bunch of snowdrops, and, of course, the first flowers were for the lecturer. It was a very nice gesture by him. He turned the boring, endless lesson into the memorable event. Should I say that since then our hearts were attracted to the guy?

Pulsatilla flavescens
Photo by Tatiana Bulyonkova

There is one little thing that you should know if you are going to present flowers to a Russian woman. In Russia, you may present only odd amount of flowers. Even amount of flowers are for funerals. If you give a Russian lady two or four flowers, she may feel offended, because you compare her to a corpse. I don't know why it is so. Some women think this is just a stupid prejudice, but is it a good idea to learn by practise if your lady shares the prejudice? I don't think so.

I wish everyone very good spring weather, love and inspiration! And happy Women's Day to all ladies!