Saturday, January 29, 2011

Updates on

Dear readers,

Let me introduce recent updates at I have added three new pages:
If you are an owner of a smartphone or tablet powered by Android OS, you have a great choice of applications for language students. Some applications are really good and useful, others are not so good. Here you may find a list of applications tested by Proper Russian. Each application has short description and my comments.

Since this January, you can book Russian language classes here, at I offer Russian courses for beginners and intermediate students. During individual sessions I'll help you to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Here you may read what my students said about my classes. Booking classes is easy. First, please, check this page and find an available time slot that works for you. Then, send me a request with the desired date and time. You may also add more information about your language level and personal preferences. When the time and date is set, we'll have a Skype session (60 minutes). You will pay when the session is completed. My hourly rate is $16.

If you are going to visit Russia, but can not (yet) speak Russian well, the Phrase book is what could help you. Here you will find basic phrases and learn how to say “hi”, ask for directions, and use public transportation. A printable version (.pdf) is also available.

I update the pages regularly, so please check them for new applications, phrases and language courses.

With best regards,
Eugenia Vlasova