Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Free Online Translators From/To Russian

Automatic translation — translation produced without the intervention of human translators — usually is not very good. Funny mistakes, wrong word usage and word linking — this is what machine translation offers today. You can not use automatically translated texts in official documents, but if you need to understand what the text written in a foreign language is about, automatic translation is enough.

If you need to translate a web page, email or any other text document from Russian into English and you don’t expect to get smooth text, you may use free online translators. Here are two online translation web services that work quite well:

Promt — online translation tools developed by a Russian software company. Promt offers free text translation service for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian and Russian languages. You can translate plain text by typing or pasting words into the field on this page. You may enter URL here to translate the whole web page or use the special form to translate and send email directly from the server. Promt also offers WAP translation tools for mobile devices.

Google Translate works with dozen languages, but Russian is available only in English-Russian and Russian-English directions. Google Translate has a very interesting, social engine: people can offer Google better translations, so day by day Google is improving its translation tools with the help of its users. The more texts are translated by Google, the better translation we will get. By now Google is very good in news translating, financial reports and tech documentations. Google offers plain text and entire web-page translation.

Thus, if you find a web page in Russian and it is promising to be interesting, don’t pay to translators, try free online translation first.