Monday, June 18, 2007

News Monitoring, Part Two: ChangeDetection

Imagine, you’re interested in, say, pharmaceutical market. You might need to read earning reports of the most influent pharmaceutical companies. You know where these companies publish their reports at, however, you don’t know when exactly they update their websites. Unfortunately most these websites do not provide with RSS feeds. So you could add these websites to your bookmarks and visit them five times a day in order not to miss important information. Is there any way to optimize your work? Actually there is one.

You can automatically monitor any web page for updates with the help of ChangeDetection website. It is as easy as 1-2-3: click the link at this page to open a ChangeDetection wizard, put the URL of the web page you want to monitor and your email on the pop-up form. That’s it. You’ll get an alarm from ChangeDetection as soon as the page is updated.

I use ChangeDetection to monitor four or five pages for changes. It’s not too many, I could do it manually, however, I don’t trust my memory. I’m sure, I’d forget to visit these websites and check for updates. You know, there are so many interesting things to do, let’s robots do routine work!